A set of four wheels attached with a shoe that can be fitted on the sole of the shoe to travel along quickly for enjoyment. Roller skating is a form of gambolling activity as well as a sport activity. There are three types of roller skates: Quad Roller skates, Tri-skates, Inline skates.

Roller rink is made up of hard surface it consists of hardwood, concrete, maple wood floors. Average surface of skating rink is around 45m long and 23m wide. The size of the world championship event of roller skating is 50m long and 25m wide.


  • John Joseph merlin has invented roller skate in 1735. first patented roller skate was introduced by him in 1760. His skate was inline, wasn’t much more than an ice skate with only 3 wheels. They were hard to stop and no way to turn because there were no brakes on his skate.
  • First public skating rink was opened in 1857 in London and Floral hall was the first skating rink.
  • National Museum of roller skating is in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • In 1823; Robert John Tyers patented a skate called as Rolito in London.
  • In 1863; James Leonard Plimpton from Massachusetts designed or invented a four-wheel roller skate (quad skate) 2 wheel in front and 2 wheels in the rear. They were easy to take turn and easy to stop.
  • In 1875; The first competition was held in England.
  • In 1876; The first toe stop was patented. This provides the ability to the skaters to stop on time by tipping the skate onto the toe. Toe stops are still using today on most of the quad skates.
  • In 1880; Henley skates are first invented, a skate with adjustable tension via a screw.
  • In 1884; The first patent for the use of steel ball bearing to reduce friction in skate wheels.
  • In 1898; Levant M. Richardson started a skate company and his company had helped the skate racers to provide skate.
  • In 1900; Inline skate with to wheel was patented by the Peck & Snyder company.
  • In 1937; The Roller Skate Rink Owner’s Association organized the roller skating as a sport nationally.

what equipment’s will you need before doing roller skating for beginners?

while doing roller skating, things you should remember and equipment that you have to keep with yourself:

  • First thing is safety equipment for beginners, the beginners need to wear safety equipment while doing skating. Elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet these things always protect you from injury.
  • you have to wear a perfect size of roller skate always and try to balance or stand yourself while standing or moving. Always use support while taking your steps, don’t try to run or move fast and always take a small step to move.
  • place your feet with your shoulder, bent your knees lower down and move it forward. keep squatting to keep yourself balanced. Use quad skates -four wheels (2 in front and 2 in back) for beginners because it helps you to provide a proper balance point than inline or other skates.

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